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Forgotten Flavours

Manitoba Rye

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Product Description:

Made with fresh Manitoba Rye berries, this moist, spongy and slighty savory crumb, accompanied by a nutty and crunchy crust, this is a must have bread for any occasion.

***Town or Niverville ONLY***

We are now accepting on-line "Bake to Order" bread orders with delivery to your door 3 days per week. Due to the long fermentation time required to make our amazing wild yeast breads, please place your orders anytime prior to the time schedule shown below, and select your respective delivery dates.

Bake to Order - Time Schedule  

Order Prior To:   Home Delivery:
Sunday 9pm Tuesday 5-6pm
Tuesday 9pm Thursday 5-6pm
Thursday 9pm Saturday 5-6pm

***To accomodate any special requests, please provide a minimum of 2 days' notice***

How to Order:

  1. Select products and "Add to Cart"
  2. Once you have completed your purchases, press "Check-Out"
  3. Input contact information. This is important for free local delivery.        Proceed to "Continue to Shipping"
  4. Select "Local Delivery"
  5. In the "Delivery Instruction" box, please specify the Delivery Day (Tues, Thurs, or Sat), and its respective date. 

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