About Us

We’ve “Forgotten” more than we know, what natural ingredients taste like, how to properly use them, and how they are supposed to make us feel. At Forgotten Flavours, our mission is to change that, by devoting ourselves to the techniques and ingredients required for making healthier products taste great and won’t trigger our body's defenses.

In 2013, Maria, a recent graduate from the UofM for Architecture, was now a stay-at-home mum to her and Chris' first of 3 children. Where Maria did have an affinity for design and architecture, she had developed a newfound passion for baking, much of which was influenced by the time she had spent baking with Chris’ Mum.

Maria took that passion even further and started tracking down old recipes from her childhood, recipes her great grandmother used to make, recipes that were largely destroyed, or “forgotten” following the Russian Revolution in the early 20th century.

Her focus at the time was mainly on old deserts, of which Chris was reluctant to try. It had nothing to do with how they looked, or what they were made from, but rather the fact I seldom ate anything I wasn’t familiar with as I had suffered most of my life with moderate to severe IBS. This was foreign to Maria, she’d never heard of IBS, nor understood why seemingly so many foods caused me so much discomfort here in North America.

Maria is also one known to NOT accept the word NO, and she slowly but surely wore me down to try her creations. What was so distinct about these deserts and other baked goods, was they possessed such unique flavours and textures, they were like nothing I had ever seen of tried here in Canada, not to mention would cause me little to no discomfort.

When Maria would explain the history about what they used to do, how/why they would do it, and the benefits they would gain from it, we routinely found ourselves saying how “the old way was the better way”, and “why did things change”? It was the discussions that ensued the recreation of “forgotten” recipes and methods, and how the natural ingredients created “flavours” and textures that could only be achieved by using real ingredients, that led us to the name Forgotten Flavours.


Product Creator

Maria descends from Eastern Europe and has had a lifelong passion for the arts & science. Immigrating to Canada 18 years ago to pursue a degree in Architecture, Maria leverages both her science knowledge, along with her artistic abilities to create beautifully nutritious, and delicious baked goods.

Business Specialist

Growing up in Manitoba, Chris has spent his entire career in Retail Operational roles, from single and multi-unit Big Box management to Corporate Operational Excellence and Strategy positions. Chris leverages his business knowledge and experience to guide Forgotten Flavours on sales and marketing, optimized production processes, cost control, customer service and training.